Our Philosophy

When it comes to Electrical, Data and Solar products you like everyone assumes reliability.

In fact, there’s no doubt you’ve come to rely on electricity. Imagine a world without electricity – we just couldn’t cope with a life with no computers, Internet, TVs, phones, or heating and cooling?

But as dependable as the Electrical, Data and Solar is in our modern day world – are you looking for the same when it comes to advice, installation and service?

Is it important to you that someone listens to your Electrical & Solar needs and can actually give you the functionality you envisaged in the first place?

Or is it simply important that the service comes when you expected it to come and you have someone you can call on for fast and reliable back up service?

If you answered yes to either question OR if you’ve ever been let down before, not by the product, but by the delivery, then KDEC is different.

Our customers receive qualified, trained staff who are passionate about your electrical needs, safety and education.

They know our vision for being the BEST team and they are part of YOUR electrical team.

Kdec believes our customers deserve a reliable, energy efficient and cost effective means of creating an easier world.  The advice and solutions we can give you use quality, energy efficient products with a vision to be cost effective both in the short and long term.

So Kdec is in the business of helping people – you included. If you are interested in simplifying your home or office – we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Whether it be a investing in a Solar (photovoltaic) system or upgrading or maintaining an existing system, switchboard installation or upgrade, power, data, or TV points, networking, fibre optic installation or maintenance, ceiling fans, air-conditioning and hot water services, contact us now to ask us how we can help you.

Kdec is different. Kdec delivers because we’re on YOUR team.

All of our Tradesmen are trained and practised in both the electrical field and the data communications field. We have several Tradesmen who are experts with fibre optic cabling, splicing and testing.

We currently have a team of 15, many are born and bred in the Albury/Wodonga area.  Each team member plays a crucial role in making a our business a successful & harmonious workplace.

The beauty of our team is that they are capable of undertaking works across many fields. We are proud of the way we conduct ourselves and we are constantly getting feedback from customers to back this up.

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