Our Values

Why use Kdec electrical?


Quality Systems

Kdec utilise an impressive suite of business systems underpinning all the internal operations, allowing us to react quickly and efficiently to market demands.

Safety Systems

Kdec have implemented and systematically improved their OH&S systems by using a mixture of technology, work method statements and staff behaviour.

We are members of the Master Electricians Safety Connect program which ensures we keep up to date with all the current workplace safety policies.

Value adding

We understand that it can quite often be the little things that make the difference when it comes to customer satisfaction. By Kdec doing those little things better, we can stand apart from our competitors. It might just be that cleaning up that little bit more can make a difference.


We have invested heavily in good quality tools and test equipment. No job is completely safe unless it has been tested thoroughly.
Our staff are all proficient in the use of our tools and test equipment.


A commitment to keeping our staff up to date is paramount in our business success. Training is a tool that not only keeps our customers happy, but keeps our staff engaged. Engaged staff deliver quality outcomes.


We want our community to thrive because it means our business will prosper. The best way we can help this process is to nurture young locals and spend our money in the local community.


Our future depends on it. A healthy environment can be sustained through smart decisions and the electrical industry needs to evolve by using new and innovative products that promote energy efficiency.

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