Solar Panels


The SunPower 25 year combined power and product warranty

Kdec are proudly your local SunPower Authorised Partners.  Since 1985, its been the SunPower mission to provide the most reliable and efficient solar systems available.  With more than 7 million panles powering the globe, SunPower has proven the durability and reliability of its products.  They credit their success to the unique design of their patented SunPower Maxeon solar cell technology and their network of more than 2000 expert partners, Kdec included, whose top priority is keeping their customers powered.  By offering the industry's first combined power and product warranty, they are underlining their continual commitment to deliver the best solar experience in the market.

Q Cells

Q-cells offer a 12 year product warranty is backed by over $165 Billion US Dollars’ worth of assets globally from their Korean parent company the Hanwha Group, giving them the No.1 ranking in Altman Z-Scores Rating which is a key financial metric used to assess bankability of manufacturers. Hanwha Q CELLS test every single PERC/Q.ANTUM cell manufactured for Hot Spots using automated infrared camera imaging with a Traceable Quality (Tra.QTM) program through a unique laser-engraved QR-code. This is a part of the “Triple Yield Security” in their product warranty on every PERC/Q.ANTUMTM module that they’re resistant to PID without any HotSpots.  Their Australian head office is based in Sydney.
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