18 Mar 2021

5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Solar Power For Your Home


Nowadays, more and more people are turning to solar power for their residential properties due to a variety of reasons. Some of these include the rising electricity costs and frequent problems with the power grids, which often result in blackouts. Others have decided to use solar energy to power their homes in order to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle.

Whatever the reason may be, having a solar power system installed on a home can offer a number of benefits. In addition to providing long-term savings, it also serves as a reliable and energy-efficient solution.

Although turning to solar power for your home’s energy needs seems like a straightforward decision, there are certain factors that you have to consider first. Planning for these aspects will help you choose the right solar power system for your home.

Assess Your Home’s Energy Consumption

Before selecting a system, the first thing that you have to do is check the energy consumption of your home. By performing an energy audit, you’ll be able to learn if your house is wasting electricity and which appliances consume the most power.

Your findings from this audit will help you improve your home’s energy consumption, such as by replacing appliances with those that are more efficient. Also, understanding the energy usage of your house will provide you with an idea about the type of solar power system that you should get. Specifically, it can help you determine the size and number of solar panels that you should install in order to meet your house’s energy needs.

Check Your Location’s Solar Potential

Solar power basically refers to the energy collected by the system from direct sunlight. At night and during times when the sun is obstructed or there isn’t enough sunlight, the system will not be able to operate fully. Of course, this minor issue can be solved through the use of battery banks and backup generators.

However, in order to maximise the operations of a solar power system, it’s ideal to install it in a location that has a lot of solar potential. This means making sure that the place where your house is located gets a lot of sunlight during the day.

You can turn to mapping services provided by companies that specialise in solar panel installations to determine the solar potential of your location. These services can also identify the proper orientation of solar panels in relation to the sun’s location in order to ensure that your system receives enough sunlight to power your home.

Setting Your Budget

The cost of a solar power system can depend on various factors, such as the size and brand of the panels. In addition, their kilowatt rating and the materials used for their construction can also affect their price.

When it comes to setting a budget, it’s often tempting to go with the cheapest option. Unfortunately, when it comes to solar power, getting the cheapest panels and installation services might do more harm than good. In most cases, the most inexpensive models are not as durable and efficient as their pricier counterparts. This means that you might end up paying more for maintenance and replacement services.

Instead, follow the advice of professional and qualified solar power experts on which panel and system you should get for your home. They will usually make their recommendations after assessing your needs and your home’s location and energy usage. 

Installing Solar Panels And Systems

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices for which panel and system to get, it’s now time to determine how you would like to install them. If you’re confident in your electrical and basic construction skills, you can set up the system yourself. You can also hire the services of professionals to handle this project.

When opting for an electrical company, always choose the one with an impressive track record as this will provide you with a clear idea of the quality of service that they deliver. Aside from installing the system, some companies can also supply you with all the components you’ll need for your home’s solar energy needs. In addition, they also provide consultations and other post-installation services.

Taking Care Of Your Solar Panels

Most modern solar panels are built to last for several years. Many of them are also relatively maintenance-free and only require occasional cleaning to ensure that their surfaces are free from obstructions like dirt, bird droppings and leaves.

When it comes to carrying out repairs on solar power systems, you can take advantage of the warranties and post-installation services offered by electrical companies and professional installers. This is one of the main advantages of hiring professionals to set up your solar power system. These experts have the right set of skills and tools to carry out repairs and other maintenance services on the system and its various components.

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