1 June 2022

Solar Rebates in NSW and VIC


What are solar rebates?

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) is the official term of what is commonly deemed as the Australian Federal Government solar rebates. STC’s are a component of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, this is the specific individual and small business component of the governments Renewable Energy Target which was developed to promote the use of renewable and sustainable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

STC’s are created upon installation of a Solar PV system with a capacity under 100kW, the number of STC’s created is dependant on the size of the system, its geographical location and the amount of emissions reduced over the life of the solar system installed. One of the main requirements of solar rebates (STC’s) is that the solar panels, inverters, and batteries that you purchase for your system should be included in the Clean Energy Council’s approved product list, and installed by an electrician with Clean Energy Council accreditation.

How can KDEC help you?

Approved solar retailers usually handle rebates for solar products. Once the applicant has been approved for the solar rebate program, the retailer will claim the incentive on the applicant’s behalf. The rebate value will then be deducted from the system’s total cost and its installation.

As a provider and installer of approved solar energy systems, batteries, inverters, and other related components, KDEC can help you take advantage of rebate programs available for NSW and VIC residents. Get in touch with us today to learn more about these government incentives and our solar solutions and services

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