Case Studies

Docker Street Consulting

  • Client: Southern Cross Developers
  • Annual Output: 85000kWh
  • Location: Wagga Wagga NSW
  • Annual CO² avoided: 90 tonnes
  • System Size: 50kw
  • Design: Kdec Solar - Chris Van Zanten
  • Solar Components: 200 x Sapphire Gem 250w Panels, 2 x SMA 25kw Inverters & Antai Racking
  • Installation: Kdec Solar - Chris Van Zanten
  • Commisioning Date: Feb-16
  • Commissioning: Kdec Solar - Chris Van Zanten

Docker Street Consulting is a multi level commercial electrical fit out that Kdec Electrical has been working on for 12 months. On top of the commercial project, Kdec Solar was awarded the 50kw solar system, which was installed in February this year. The 50kw solar system installation was a delicate one, which involved working hand in hand with the site manager to ensure harmony with other trades. Due to the nature of the building a crane lift was required to ensure panels and inverters were safely and efficiently lifted into position.

As it is a brand new installation the client is yet to see the impact of the solar system on the energy bill, however it was sized to cover the HVAC system and other major energy consumers on the ‘house’ power, ensuring running costs will be kept to a minimum.

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