Case Studies

Urana Shire Council

  • Client: Urana Shire Council
  • Annual Output: 59500kWh
  • Location: Urana NSW
  • Annual CO² avoided: 63 tonnes
  • System Size: 35kw
  • Design: Kdec Solar - Chris Van Zanten
  • Solar Components: 140 x Sapphire Gem 250w PV Panels, 2 x SMA 20kw Inverters & Antai Racking
  • Installation: Kdec Solar - Chris Van Zanten
  • Commisioning Date: Aug-15
  • Commissioning: Kdec Solar - Chris Van Zanten

Kdec were the successful tenderer for the 35kw system on the Council Administration building for the Urana Shire Council. Due to the aged local infrastructure, we designed the system with export limitation to allow a maximum of 20kw exported back to the grid at any given time. With the additional hardware installed to limit the exportation, we are also able to monitor both the consumption and production of the building, providing the customer with the full energy picture, which gives the client the ability to implement strategies to reduce their energy consumption further.

The initial energy bills since the solar installation have shown around a 60% fall in energy consumption, which can be directly attributed to the installation of solar power.

Urana Shire’s General Manager, Adrian Butler said ‘We are very satisfied with the solar installation and the excellent work of KDEC – it was a long running process to get to the quotes stage, in trying to determine what Councils needs were, but once we assessed the quotes and engaged KDEC as the successful supplier, everything went extremely quickly and smoothly. The KDEC team were very professional, helpful and thorough in all aspects, including working with older infrastructure and making the required upgrades to ensure everything runs to the highest standards. Our selection panel were keen to ensure the job went to a local company with a good track record, strong references, and they were also impressed with the commitment to the Community, via their Community Cash back program.Council has no hesitation in recommending KDEC for your solar needs.’

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