Home Owner Testimonials

Aaron – Lavington

‘We found that even with a very new home our electricity bills were up around the $800 per quarter mark, so we decided to explore the viability of solar power. We had a few quotes, but found that Kallen from Kdec was the most knowledgeable and was able to point us in the right direction with the correctly sized system and advice on energy retailers to minimise the bill. We’ve had the system installed now for over 2 years and even with the addition of a pool, our bills now average less than $200 per quarter. We strongly recommend Kdec Solar to all of our family & friends.’

Joe – Tabletop

'We were very happy with the level of information that Kallen provided in information meetings. We felt that he sought to provide us with a system that would suit our needs, and did not attempt to exaggerate the potential cost savings or sell us a system bigger than what we needed. The customer service during the entire process was excellent, including the installation and connection process, which all occurred as planned and on time. In relation to the performance and the cost savings I can report as follows: In the first 6 months (1/2/15 - 8/8/15), our solar panels generated 4958 kw. Of that, we used 1868kw into the house which saved $643 off our electricity bill. We also sent 3090kw back to the Grid which generated $247 income. Our Nett gain in the first 26 weeks (1/2/15 - 8/8/15) was approx. $890. Since then the solar panel system has continued at the same rate of performance, and we are on target to save well over $1800 in the first 12 months. At the rate of savings that we have achieved to date we will pay for the system in less than 4 years, which has greatly exceeded our expectations.’

Paul – Howlong

‘We were finding that every electricity bill that come in the post was getting more and more expensive and decided we needed to do something about it. Kdec Solar were able to tailor a solar solution that best suited our needs in order to save the largest possible amount from our bill, without spending too much up front. The installers we prompt, professional and did a very neat job. We are now saving into the $1000’s each year and at this rate the system will have paid for itself in around 3 years. We’d recommend the boys from Kdec solar to anyone.’

Marylin – Thurgoona

'We are very satisfied with our system and the professional way it was installed. Not sure how much we are saving as its a new house but in saying that we use our electrical products during the peak sun periods so are confident it's saving us heaps.'