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Using solar power at home can help offset your overall power usage and lower your living costs.

If no one is home during the day, solar is still a great investment! Most homes are able to export excess power back to the solar grid for a credit to your electricity bill.

With the myriad of government incentives available and the price of systems dropping, there has never been a better time to get into solar.

In Australia, each household is entitled to the ‘STC’ rebate. Depending on the state and eligibility criteria, you may be eligible for further rebates specific to the system you are installing. Our solar team will be able to advise you of each rebate relevant to you.

‘Small Scale Technology Certificates’ are a Federal Government incentive under the Renewable Energy Target (RET). Under this scheme, each certificate represents a projected tonne of greenhouse gases saved up to the year 2030 through your renewable energy system.

We don’t believe there is ‘one size fits all’ for solar systems. Where a lot of companies will provide the same 6.6kW “cookie-cutter” quote, we like to meet with you for a personal consultation to tailor a specific solution for your property, needs, and budget.

We understand that upfront payments aren’t an option for everyone. We do offer payment plans, which we can discuss during your quote. If you’re happy to proceed with KDEC, we request a 10% deposit to secure your investment, followed by a 30% stage payment prior to installation and finally the 60% balance once your new KDEC solar system has been installed.

Solar Panels

The products we recommend and install are produced all over the world. We partner with brands that have best-in-class technology so you receive high quality solutions. Currently, our systems are sourced from;

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Israel
  • Hungary
  • North America
  • Mexico
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • France
  • South Korea

If you would like to know further details, our team will be happy to help with more information on specific products.

The key to getting the most out of your solar systems is to get it serviced every 12 – 18 months and cleaned as needed. The KDEC Service Team does carry out annual services on solar systems if so desired. These services include;

  • Cleaning and visually inspecting the system
  • Checking all mounting hardware for any loose fittings to prevent play and premature wear
  • Inspecting existing wiring and DC isolators on rooftops and making recommendations where necessary
  • Testing performance outputs of systems to ensure optimum production
  • Cleaning and inspecting the inverter and running tests if required
  • A full written report of your service to keep track of your investment

The more care you take of your system, the more care it will take of you!

Short answer, no. But each situation is unique.

With a standard solar system, your surplus power is sold back to the grid for a feed-in credit. This can help to cover your consumption outside of daylight hours. However, with the feed-in tariffs dropping each year, batteries will become more feasible in the future.

Whilst batteries may not offer the best returns right now, they do carry the benefit of being able to back up your home to a certain extent in black-out scenarios. For some clients, this safety net outweighs the financial outlay – this is something our service team is happy to discuss with you.

Any solar system can have a battery installed regardless of age. Our solar experts will be able to recommend specific batteries for each specific scenario in the consultation.

Yes you can! However, we will evaluate the limitations that pre-existing electrical infrastructure may present. This can be overcome but should be weighed up against the initial costs of upgrading the infrastructure if need be. A site visit from one our solar experts will be able to determine this outcome for you.

Whilst most panels carry a 25 year; ‘Performance Warranty’, KDEC panels also carry a 25 year ‘Product Warranty’. This warranty covers all aspects of system repair and replacement from a company that has been around longer than the warranty they cover. Checking the fine print of any manufacturer’s warranty will uncover any potential hidden costs that may occur in a warranty claim.


A site visit is important for our team to be able to get a proper picture of your needs so we can determine the best solution for you. We look at any potential limiting factors on-site such as electrical infrastructure, shading issues, and load profiles.

Solar systems from KDEC are not like other quotes you may receive. This is due only using top quality products from a locally owned and operated team of individuals who strive for excellence.

From the initial site visit and consultation, all the way to after-sales support and monitoring, our systems are designed to last for the long haul.

KDEC employs a full-time support and warranty team who have vast experience with all of our products. We also monitor all of our systems online, meaning quite often we will know if something is wrong, even before you do.

Other KDEC Solutions

Whilst KDEC are experts in the solar power field, we do also offer a complete range of electrical services including, general maintenance, residential, commercial and industrial installations and repairs, data, fibre optic and communications installations.

Get in touch with KDEC, let’s chat about how we can help you.

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