16 Dec 2021

KDEC Electrical & Solar’s New Location Featured at Invest Albury Wodonga


We are honoured that KDEC has been selected as the focus of an article published by Invest Albury Wodonga. We are proud to share how our company grew while maintaining our dedication toward providing quality electrical services to our clients and the local community.

Through Cam and Chelsey Walker’s leadership and vision, we were able to expand our operations to go beyond general electrical services. Our commitment to delivering innovative and energy-efficient technologies to the community enabled us to provide a variety of services related to solar power systems.

One of our main motivations is guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We take on a personalised approach in order to deliver effective and sustainable electrical solutions that perfectly match and address the needs and preferences of each of our clients.

As we start the next chapter of our journey at our new location in Ruby Court, Albury, we aim to further improve our services by meeting the growing demand for sustainable solar and electrical solutions. In addition to providing solar installation services, we are also dedicated to educating the members of the community on how they can reduce their environmental impact by turning to renewable energy.

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