9 May 2023

Panel Sustainability

Solar isn’t slowing down, that’s a given! But what weight should considering the “right” panel bare on our choice of installers and products when we make the plunge into solar for our home or business? Long story short, not all panels are created equal.

Whilst Australia may have had a quieter year than the two previous years before it, there were still over 290,000 solar systems installed in 2022. Compile this with previous installation figures and forecasted growth rates with the advent of soaring costs of utilities and electric vehicles being introduced into Australian homes, rooftop solar isn’t going anywhere!

Solar panels will obviously save you money whilst also reducing your carbon footprint which is a pretty good feeling. How do we know that this is carried through with the production of the panel and doesn’t stop once the system has reached the end of it’s life (or earlier in some cases)?

Figure 1: yearly installed capacity and installation number of rooftop solar PV in Australia since 2012 (unadjusted data)
EV sales in Australia: 2011-2022

Here at KDEC we have always preached quality products that stand the test of time, however the consumer can often overlook these qualities when picking the panels that will go on their rooftops.

By partnering with SunPower (Maxeon Solar Technologies), KDEC ensures that each system installed is with the long-term impacts in mind.

Not only do Maxeon panels have class leading performance when it comes to generating power and minimising long term degradations, SunPower themselves are committed to the life cycle of the panel itself with the award of a Cradle-to-Cradle institute “Silver” label. Currently, SunPower is the world’s first solar company to do manage this feat.

Cradle-to-Cradle certification is a rigorous process that takes into account the areas of material reutilization, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship and social fairness.

Cradle-to-cradle certification

With the average solar panel lifespan lasting anywhere from 10 – 20 years, the country is bracing for a surge of solar panels to be pulled down and inevitably dumped into landfill with an expectation of more than 100,000 tonnes of modules as waste by 2035.

Whilst panels can be 100% fully recycled, this is an energy intensive and slow process that is struggling to catch up to current demand.

Another step SunPower has taken is to break this cycle is announce a partnership with Australia’s leading national end to end PV recovery and recycling company, Reclaim PV, to support the recycling of SunPower branded panels at the end of their useful lives and not discarded into landfill.

Maxeon Solar Technologies

Combined with a 40 year warranty and a panel that is 100 times less likely to require replacement during its lifetime in the first place, purchasing SunPower panels ensures that we are doing our part for the planet as consumers whilst helping the hip pocket.

KDEC are a local family owned business that will be with you for the long term by sticking to top products, our partnership with SunPower as an Elite partner means that your system will be as clean as the energy it produces. Why? Because Tomorrow Matters.

Come see us today for further information regarding the superior quality of what we use.

Not all panels are created equally!

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