17 April 2023

Solar Analytics

With quality solar from KDEC we have already established the fact that savings are a sure thing, but how can we ensure we are getting the absolute best “bang for buck” whilst getting up to date system health reports?

Most systems will collate information to present performance and consumption data (some better than others!) on a website or app for the end user to monitor. If the homeowner is lucky enough, they will also have the support of the installer to look over the site should anything go awry.

Whilst the inverter’s monitoring portal shows us this data once we start digging deep, the average user doesn’t have much of a clue as to what is happening with their energy usage, what impact this is having on their bill or whether the panels on the roof are underperforming in comparison to other systems or historical performance data.

In some of the worst-case scenarios the homeowner gets a bill, which to their shock and horror, then discover that the system they have paid for is not working or underperforming, resulting in a high electricity bill and possible repair costs if the installer is nowhere to be found. Obviously, this is not a scenario in which any potential or existing solar owner want to be caught up in!

Going with a reputable and established local solar installer using top products (did someone say KDEC?) will mitigate a lot of these risks, but for the end user can we make it better?

This is where Solar Analytics comes in!

Via incorporating Solar Analytics software into a Fronius inverter, the client is presented with a new easy-to use phone app in which they are shown simple performance figures to see exactly what impact the solar system is having on the household. Going through the menu’s, the customer can find a wealth of information, including;

  • Battery recommendations and estimated returns (cut through the noise!)
  • Daily, monthly and yearly energy usage reports
  • Tips and tricks to increase self consumption
  • Tools to find the best electricity retailer given your historical data

On top of this, Solar Analytics software will also take into account your current electricity bill, forecasting the estimated bill cost and recommending better electricity rates with the projected energy bill if you were to switch over!

Regarding the previously mentioned system performance safe-guards, the integrated algorithms will consistently cross-reference your system’s performance against other solar systems in the local area in which up-to-date reports are generated.
The end result being that the customer is notified of any potential drops in performance across the board over the life of the system as well as generating monthly health reports.

“But I went with the best products, this wouldn’t be a problem in the first place. Right?”

Having the best gear will ensure the lowest chance of anything going wrong, but if the panels were to be damaged/dirty/covered or even potentially shaded over time, the Solar Analytics software will pickup on this drop in performance and notify the homeowner.

Having partnered with Solar Analytics, KDEC can organise automatic integration of this awesome software into your new or existing Fronius system ensuring top performance for many sunny days to come!

Talk to the KDEC team today about how we can supercharge your system. Why? Because Tomorrow Matters.

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