The Botanical Albury

  • Albury, New South Wales
  • July 2015

July 2015

Commisioning Date

Albury, New South Wales




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The Botanical of Albury solar presented many challenges to Kdec solar design team. Firstly, the available square meterage of roof and secondly the 7 storey building and proximity to pedestrian and vehicle traffic in Dean St Albury.

It was determined that the Botanical of Albury’s system could generate more energy over a 12 month period lying a larger number of panels at the natural pitch angle of the roof, as opposed to installing tilt frames, which due to shading from one row to another take up considerably more roof space. Consequently, due to the angle of the solar panels, this system is also significantly stronger during the warmer months.

To move the panels, inverter and other componentary to the 7th storey, Kdec engaged the services of Dunn’s Twin City cranes to lift the 4 x 600kg pallets into position, then to crane all left over rubbish and other items safely back to the ground. The craning process was completed in a approximately 2 hours and with very little disruption to surrounding businesses and residents.

Eric Ginn – Executive Committee from The Botanical of Albury said: ‘The “Executive Committee” of “The Botanical” considered various installation options and got quotations from a number of potentially suitable suppliers, before finalizing the contract with KDEC.

We can therefore strongly recommend KDEC to anyone else looking for a Solar installation, since we found their quotation very competitive, most comprehensive with no last minute surprises.

The entire installation which involved craning everything to the seventh level and having to work in a very confined street level area, was all done will superb efficiency and completed with 72 hours.

Equally the resultant installation performed well against their predictions.We are now saving a very substantial amount every month in electricity cost. We did also at the same time have KDEC replace a large number of fluoro tubes in both garage levels with LED equivalents and this too has also contributed to our reduced electricity usage and costs.’

Solar Components

111 x Sapphire Gem 250w PV Panels, 1 x ABB 27.6kw
Inverter & Antai Racking


Chris Van Zanten


Chris Van Zanten


Chris Van Zanten

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