29 April 2022

Future-Proofing Your Home With The Fronius Gen24 Plus


The concept of sustainability plays an important role in future-proofing homes. By following various sustainability practices, you’ll be able to limit a household’s dependence on certain resources. One of these includes using solar power for a home’s energy needs.

In the world of solar energy solutions, the Fronius Gen24 Plus, which is a versatile hybrid inverter, is a leading system due to its commitment to sustainability and how it can help future-proof homes. Also, its efficient performance allows homeowners to enjoy long-term savings on their energy bills.

Here are the reasons why the Fronius Gen24 Plus is the best choice for residential solar needs.

Modular Design

With the Fronius Gen24 Plus, you’ll be able to lessen your dependence on the electrical grid since it’s compatible with other home power storage units. Its modularity allows users to install the hybrid inverter with a solar battery storage or add a battery backup system at a later time. Through the BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM, the Gen24 Plus can support a capacity of up to 57.96kWh.

Energy Efficiency

The Gen24 Plus is capable of providing maximum energy output thanks to its Multi-Flow Technology. This feature, which is designed to control the simultaneous flow of energy, allows the inverter to supply energy loads to a home while charging the backup solar battery. In addition, the unused or surplus energy can be fed back into the grid, which gives homeowners an opportunity to earn from feed-in tariffs.

Reliable Power Supply

As mentioned earlier, this hybrid inverter can be integrated with a backup battery system. The main advantage of this setup is it provides a home with a reliable power supply in the event of a power outage. As part of its future-proof design, the inverter also features a backup power socket that can be used to directly provide power supply to essential appliances around the home, such as small freezers, laptop computers, and device chargers.

Active Cooling

It’s also advisable to get bigger systems with larger outputs to cover the days or seasons that require higher Unlike other solar inverters that rely on passive cooling, the Fronius Gen24 Plus uses active cooling. This feature helps maintain ideal pressure conditions by allowing airflow within the system through the optimal intake of ambient air. In addition to better performance, active cooling also helps extend the lifespan of the inverter.

Smart Monitoring App

The Gen24 Plus is designed to work with the Fronius Solar.web app. This allows users to analyse and monitor the performance of their system easily using their smartphone or tablet device. Through this app, users can also quickly view their home’s energy consumption patterns and optimise them accordingly. Doing so can help them increase their savings from their monthly energy bills.

As a Fronius Solutions Partner Plus member, KDEC Electrical and Solar can help future-proof homes through the proper installation of the Gen24 Plus inverter and other solar components. We’ll make sure that your solar power system perfectly matches your preferences and your home’s energy needs.

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